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A Unique New Design

Created in March 2020 during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask® is a unique new product. Initially designed for frontline healthcare providers during extreme PPE shortages, the EasyFlow Mask is a highly versatile solution for clinical, industrial and consumer use. The dual frame construction both protects and tightly seals around various types of replaceable filter media for unrivaled versatility. The NXTGEN EasyFlow may just be the very last mask you’ll ever need.

Comfortable Snug Fit

The NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask® combines the lower-profile fit of a mask along with the tight elastomeric seal of an industrial-type respirator. The medical grade silicone facial gasket allows a snug, comfortable fit for all day use. The facial gasket and mask frames can quickly and easily be cleaned or sanitized as often as needed without laundering. Both the mask and filter media are reusable, which reduces costs and waste.

Incredibly Breathable 

The finest mask is more than just the highest filtration specs, it also must be a comfortable and breathable product that is always used when respiratory protection is needed. True to the EasyFlow® name, the NXTGEN mask is one of the most breathable high-filtration masks in the world. All of our filter variations use highly advanced filter media, which provides robust micron and sub-micron filtration, while being up to 40% freer flowing than similar products.

EasyFlow Mask Highlights 

  • Will not fog glasses or significantly muffle the voice
  • Adjustable latex free head straps, not ear loops
  • Quickly and easily clean the mask frames and face gasket with alcohol, clinical wipes, UV or warm soapy water
  • Easily switch between medical and industrial grade filter media with one mask
  • Filter media is shelf stable and made in a USA based ISO 9001:2015 facility
  • With proper seal, the EasyFlow Mask® will pass a qualitative fit test with all NXTGEN filter media

Filter Media Types

  • Front Layer: Fully adhered laminate
  • Filter Layer: 210 GSM Tribo-electrostatic (HV Technostat® Plus)

Our original filter media, these medical grade electrostatic filters provide extreme pathogen filtration and very easy breathing.

Recommended usage: non-oil particle filtration including pathogens, pollution, dust and allergens.

  • Front Layer: 50 GSM spunbond polypropylene
  • Middle Layer: Tribo-electrostatic (HV Technostat® Plus)
  • Back Layer: 15 GSM spunbond polypropylene

In addition to the electrostatic media, the 50 GSM front spunbond material adds significant level II-III fluid resistance to this medical filter media.

Recommended usage: non-oil particle filtration including pathogens, pollution, dust and allergens.

  • Front Layer: 15 GSM spunbond polypropylene
  • Second Layer: 25 GSM meltblown cloth
  • Third Layer: Tribo-electrostatic (HV Technostat® Plus)
  • Back Layer: 15 GSM spunbond polypropylene

Our 4 layer filter media adds a layer of meltblown cloth for our highest level of particle filtration. Meltblown material provides a caking effect for enhanced liquid resistance and an additional mechanical filtration layer. This electrostatic and meltblown combination provides significant industrial grade, sub-micron filtration for applications where non-oil particulate respirators are used.

Recommended usage: non-oil particle filtration including: dust, mist, fumes, fibers, bioaerosols and wildfire pollution.

Disclaimer: As a new product, the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask® has not been formally NIOSH or FDA listed yet. This is a lengthy process that often takes a few years to complete. All of our products have been throughly tested and pre-certified by independent, accredited labs. Our medical grade filters meet FDA GMP standards and have completed all ASTM testing for clinical use as listed in the specifications. Our industrial filter media meets and exceeds N95 standards based on NIOSH NaCl testing, per 42 CFR 84. While we cannot yet legally market our clinical grade filters as FDA approved and our industrial grade filters as N95 until this process is complete. Our products meet and exceed all FDA, NIOSH and EN standards for use as listed in each filter specification. With proper seal, all NXTGEN masks will pass a qualitative fit test. All of our filter media is made in the USA and processed in an ISO 9001:2015 facility that exclusively specializes in the processing of medical and industrial filter media. Please contact us with any questions or for testing information. 

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