Reusable Elastomeric Masks 

The NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask® is a unique design, which combines the lower profile fit of a mask, with the tight fitting elastomeric facial gasket of a respirator. The NXTGEN EasyFlow is reusable and features adjustable elastic head straps, durable copolymer frames and can be used with premium clinical and industrial grade filter media. Click now to learn more about the last mask you’ll ever need.

Electrostatic Replacement Filters 

The heart of the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask® is our incredible filter media. Our electrostatic filters are exclusively made in the USA in an ISO 9001:2015 facility. Available in both clinical and industrial configurations, all of our filter media options meet the most stringent industry standards and are shelf stable for 5-10 years.

Unique Automotive Accessories 

NXTGEN Automotive specializes in the design, development and creation of one-of-a-kind custom automotive accessories. Our vehicle specific products, such as Extended View™ blind spot mirrors offer OEM-like quality and greatly enhance the driving experience.

Customized Inflatables

For over 40 years, Next Generation Inflatables is an industry leader in the design and creation of customized parade balloons, trade show balloons, illuminated inflatables, advertising inflatables and special use products. We can take any project from concept to reality in helium, sealed or cold air format.

Wine Sulfite & Tannin Reducer 

The all natural way to safely and easily reduce sulfites and tannins, as well as lessen the severity of histamine reactions. NXTGEN Premium Wine Drops are the world’s only solution to reduce both sulfites and tannins without using proteins. Our specialized formula is both egg free and vegan. NXTGEN premium wine drops are the perfect compliment to red wines, white wines, rosé, champagne and sparkling wines.

Wine Drops | Eliminate wine headaches