NXTGEN Mask Testimonials

ICU Nurse

I am a traveling ICU nurse and have mostly been working crisis contracts in COVID ICUs since the pandemic started. I have a relatively small face and most N95 masks provided were just too big for me. Despite wearing multiple mask layers, goggles and a shield, I still felt very vulnerable not having a tight fitting mask that would pass a qualitative fit test.

I finally got myself a Honeywell P100 mask, but this larger industrial-type  respirator was hot, very bulky and impossible for people to hear me through. For 12 hours a day, I was steaming inside this respirator and SCREAMING so others could hear me.

I saw this Easy flow mask being discussed in a COVID nursing forum and decided to take a flier on it, despite not being fully FDA or NIOSH listed yet. I passed my fit test on day 1, people can hear me clearly without raising my voice and it is so much easier to breathe, and MUCH cooler verses the larger industrial elastomerics. Two big thumbs up

-Pam L. RN

Emergency medical physician

The NXTGEN mask slowly started showing up at our hospital during the pandemic. First in the surgical department and then eventually I saw a nurse wearing in the ER and asked about the mask, just as our El Paso peak surge unfolded.

The company was lighting fast to ship it and this mask was truly a gift during the most challenging months of my professional career.  The fit is incredibly snug, the filters breathe easier than similar masks due to the surface area, and having reusable protection of this level during extreme PPE rationing likely saved my family and I.

I love having different filter media options for different uses. I’ll never use another mask type again. Thank you!!!!

-Victoria from El Paso, TX

Easy to breathe, and reasonably witch nose friendly

Those of you who are part of the Witch Nose Crew forever in search of a framed mask that fits, I see you (witch nose: a nose that protrudes notably, but has a narrow, angular bridge, making it near impossible to find a mask that seals properly). So will it fit?

Answer: probably, yes. The M-L version of this mask is deep enough to fit my witch nose. In some positions, it just barely touches the inner frame, but not enough to rub or cause discomfort. However, if it does rub for you, you can cut the inner frame to remove the parts that are rubbing (see instructions).

And if you have an average to wide nose bridge, I don’t think you’ll have any issues at all. This is an obvious yes for most people. If you have a small or flat nose, you can probably use the S-M size.

Also: customer assistance was quick and helpful.


 Effective and attractive

Great product. I’ve been wearing daily, as well as all of my dental staff for the last 7 months.

– Jason DDS

Breathable Mask

Best fit and most comfortable silicone face mask I’ve tried so far. Very breathable.

– L Garcia

This is the mask that you want to wear

I’ve been wearing different types of masks N95, KN95, and surgical. Each mask either generates too much heat or becomes hard to breathe after few hours. The surgical masks keep fogging my glasses while wearing them.

With the NxtGen mask, none of those issues occurs. It is amazing. I can breathe and talk easily. My glasses are not foggy anymore. It’s definitely worth the money. The mask filter has a nice scent.

It’s easy to clean sometimes with soap & water or quickly sanitize for reuse. I will buy a few more for my family.

– MD

Excellent For Long Shifts

Had a COVID outbreak at work replaced my current mask with this one. Mask has a medical grade filter and is compared to or similar to a N95. Plus side to this mask is it’s comfortable has a great seal and it doesn’t fog up my glasses. I do not have any issues wearing this for 12 plus hours.

– JR

Healthcare Worker

As a healthcare worker, it’s great to wear this mask behind my face shield and breathe much easier than the N95’s. The “look” of the mask is quite a head-turner…my co-workers, techs and nurses were all asking about it. So I sent them the link. My own brother just saw my mask and he already placed an order of 12 (6 white, 6 black) for his own family for when they fly overseas. I’m so glad your company has designed this type of mask at a reasonable price. I’ve paid so much money for PPE supplies during the pandemic and have had items delayed due to shipping from overseas. So it’s great to find a company like yours that doesn’t price-gouge and is based in the US


Great For Smaller Faces

The smaller size  is the best mask for smaller faces and it fits and seals perfect on my face.

– David

5 out of 5 stars!! Great seal and very comfortable.

Incredible fit! Better than the 3M provided at work. Better seal when I speak and move my head and way more comfortable. I will fit test and update.

– Amanda P.

Great Mask – Most Protective on Consumer Market

I really like this mask and use it as often as I can when I leave my home. It is a comfortable fit due to the silicon, and extremely breathable. Other masks make me feel like there isn’t as much air flow, but the Nxtgen mask doesn’t feel like a barrier at all to regular air flow. Likewise, this is the best possible mask for those who wear glasses. Every other mask I have worn fogs up my glasses due to the style, so the sleek design of this mask allows me to go out and about without worrying about any limitation to my sight.

– AC

Thrilled With Masks!

I ordered 2, one for me and one for hubby, of your masks and I’m thrilled.They are so well made, comfortable and love that they have a quality filter.I hope you can get them certified.
We have tried a lot of masks in the past 3 months and yours are by far seem to be the most effective and comfortable!
Thank you for your great work!

– Jane T.

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