Wine Fining Solution | Sulfite & Tannin Reducer

The all natural way to safely and easily better each and every glass of wine or champagne. NXTGEN Premium Wine Drops are the world’s only solution to offer both wine finning abilities AND reduce sulfites and tannins without using proteins. Our specialized formula is both egg free and vegan. 

One of our most important ingredients: Gum Arabic
Regarded as a winemakers ”secret weapon”, gum arabic can do so many great things for your wines. Some of its benefits include: improving mouthfeel, making a thin wine taste fuller bodied, rounding out rough edges of grape tannins and increasing the persistence of bubbles in sparkling wine. In reds, gum arabic’s greatest asset is its ability to reduce tannin astringency and increase the perception of body or volume.

Early-drinking whites and rosés can also benefit from gum arabic to add body to the mouthfeel, adding a sensation of fullness on the palate and tongue. A dry, sharp-tasting Sauvignon Blanc, for example, can suddenly turn into a charming wine once gum arabic has tamed all of that acidity. A barrel-fermented Chardonnay can taste more “complete”, with more complexity, with just a touch of gum. A summer-style rosé from Grenache would scream for a shot of gum arabic, not only to add fullness, but to round out those unwanted tannins.

In sparkling wines, it can also enhance perlage or bubbling where it acts by reducing the surface tension of the wine, which leads to increased fizzing. The magic of gum arabic can be witnessed by pouring an untreated sample and a treated one side by side in tall flutes and watching the bubbles in the treated sample race ahead.

Gum arabic can improve aromatic intensity and complexity as well as palate balance in all wines, including fruit and country wines.

So enjoy your wine, feel better and experience the fining properties of NXTGEN Premium Wine Drops today!

Other NXTGEN Wine Drop Benefits:  

  • Reduces BOTH sulfites and tannins with an all natural, vegan formulation. 
  • Use them in any wine, anytime! Our premium wine drops are highly portable and easy to use anywhere compared to filters and wine wands. 
  • Quick application and no cleanup, simply add the drops, swirl, and let it sit a moment. 
  • Will not alter the taste of wine when dosed according to the instructions. 
  • Cost-effective, one 10ml bottle of solution can treat up to 55 glass or 8 bottles of wine. 
  • All ingredients are safe, commercially used and approved for use as a food additive under FDA GRAS. 

Eliminate Wine Headaches

The vast majority of wines contain sulfites and most wines contain varying amounts of tannins. Both of these compounds are found in numerous food types and are known to cause adverse reactions for those with sensitivities. One of the most common reactions is the dreaded wine headache. For reasons not yet entirely understood, some people can consume other foods rich in tannins or sulfites without issue, yet have reactions to wine. Whether you are sensitive to these compounds or just don’t feel great drinking wine, our NXTGEN Premium Wine Drops are for you.

Scientifically formulated, real world proven

NXTGEN Premium Wine Drops have 3 all natural ingredients:

  • Food grade peroxide
  • Organic Gum Arabic
  • Distilled water

These ingredients are safely and effectively formulated for two main purposes:

Reducing Sulfites 

Food grade peroxide, true to its name, is specially formulated for use with food products in small amounts. Unlike traditional peroxide, food grade formulations are generally much higher concentrations and also do not have the chemical stabilizers found in regular medical or industrial peroxide. These stabilizers are fine for external use, but regular peroxide should not be ingested. We further dilute this special peroxide to a concentration that will significantly reduce or eliminate sulfites but not alter the taste of your wine when used according to our instructions.

Reduce/ Tame Tannins 

Tannins are, essentially, a wine’s ‘pucker power’. Tannins are generally most dominant in younger red wines that haven’t had the time to soften up with age, but are prevalent in all red wines. White wines still contain tannins but in much lower concentrations. A wine with high tannins can be described as bitter and astringent. Tannins are derived from the skins, stems and seeds of the grapes used to produce the wine, as well as from the oak barrels. Tannins interact with the proteins in our saliva and precipitate onto our tongue. During this interaction, those who are sensitive to tannins may experience an allergic reaction similar to those with sulfite sensitivity. Our organic Acacia Gum extract is used during the wine making process and is scientifically proven to reduce/tame tannins. This is achieved by coating the tannins so they do not interact with the proteins in our saliva. Beyond helping those with tannin sensitivity, this ingredient will reduce the astringency of very astringent wines, improve mouth feel and add body to thin wines. Our wine drops do not use proteins or egg whites to accomplish this, and are the first wine drops in the world to reduce tannins with a plant based formulation.

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